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A summary of the tweets from Eamonn O'Hara Twitter Q&A

Eamonn O'Haraeircom Experience More ambassador Eamonn O’Hara took to Twitter on Thursday July 25th, 2013. The goal was straight talking GAA. You could have asked him about his career – his highs and lows. You could have tapped him up for tips on a talent that earned him an All Star, a provincial medal, and two call-ups to represent his country. You could even have asked him about ‘that’ rant on The Sunday Game. 

He ended up delivering some wonderful insight into his life in a Sligo jersey, but mostly you just wondered how he got his sun tan. The results are here:


@EamonnOHara8: Havin a great laugh! Some classics q's, which I’ll struggle to answer. OK here we go!!! #AskEamonn

@srfchoops25: Best player of your era never to win an All Ireland medal?

@EamonnOHara8: Some excellent players, Ciaran McDonald (Mayo) Sean Marty Lockhart (Derry) Dermot Earley (Kildare) Ciaran Whelan (Dublin).

@buncranagaa: Eamonn, do you think Donegal can bounce back against Laois on Saturday?

@EamonnOHara8: Will be an excellent game, this will show the real character of this team, which I think they will. Donegal to shade it!! 

@gersloveofsport: How will Galway do against Cork at the weekend?

@EamonnOHara8: Galway have done extremely well to regroup and win 3 but that's as far as they will get. It's experience lessons v Cork now. 

@johntorsney: Would u put on the Sligo jersey again under a new manager?

@EamonnOHara8: No happily retired 

@MrNiallMcGarry: Given their close geographical proximity, why are Mayo so good at football and Sligo know...kinda shite?

@EamonnOHara8: In the last 60 years Sligo and Mayo won exactly the same amount of All Irelands. Zero.

@whelo35: Stumbled across this picture of you and Kevin Walsh!


@EamonnOHara8: Classic Whelo now @&#% off

@PaulMcQuillan76: Ever tempted to go over to Oz to play Australian Rules Football?

@EamonnOHara8: i would have love to have got the chance to play over there, but it didn't happen but the comp rules was the closest I got,

@Judgemental01: Who was your toughest opponent and why?

@EamonnOHara8: Cliche answer - “They’re all tough” but to name one: Armaghs’ Paul McGrane...

@Bubble1975: Who was the toughest Mayo defender that marked you?

@EamonnOHara8: Midfielder Kevin Staunton! Strong. Great player.

@Woolberto: How much money did you save on fake tan with the recent good weather? @EamonnOHara8: Woolly about as much as u did on razors ; ) .. #homeless

@BrianReape: Where are Sligo now after an awful championship and that day in Ruislip? What have they to do next to improve?

@EamonnOHara8: I wouldn't have enough twitter space to answer that. But a five year plan needs to be put in place for all to agree on.


@dilzy82: I remember you had a Nike sign shaved into your head. Any chance of the Nike sign making a comeback?

@EamonnOHara8: Bald spot in the way now Gary.


@GParaick:  What other county would you have liked to play for if there was a transfer system?

@EamonnOHara8: It was rumoured years back I was gonna move to Mayo as my mum is from Knockmore...But no I wouldn't have ever moved.


@whelo35: Which one do you use and would recommend?


 @EamonnOHara8: bottom left Whelo ;)



@eoin_brosnan1: What was your favourite pair of boots ever?

@EamonnOHara8: 2001/2002 mania preds, best fit ever, have a cherished blue pair at the moment.


@spadetownboy: Ah 2002, does thinking about the replay v Armagh, still give you sleepless nights? @EamonnOHara8: They were great champions, we had chances in the first game and the replay but we didn't take them. They’re the fine lines.


@RockiesPip: Who do you think is the best and worst pundit on the Sunday Game?

@EamonnOHara8: They all bring something different. Everyone has an opinion - that's why GAA is excellent. Like referees, we all see things differently.


Judging by the volume of questions submitted via #AskEamonn, the burning issue re: Eamonn O’Hara wasn’t return to the intercounty set up in playing or managerial role. It was in fact, his daily skin care regime. Eamonn thought it only fair to share the secrets of his bronzed complexion....


@EamonnOHara8: The tan’s a mixture of J&J Holiday Skin, Tan Organic and 4 hrs on the sun bed - it takes a lot of work to get it right ;)


Tongue in cheek questions about male grooming aside, we wanted to offer an honourable mention to those seeking advice from our expert about matters away from the world of GAA...

@NegativeNed92: how do you like your steak?

@jclifescience: did you get all the turf home?

@Mayezer07: If I crash land in the jungle can I survive by eating my own shoes?

@Doug_Tempest: Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?