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2012 Donegal

Man and ball: Not Don' yet

Jul 22nd

Ewan MacKenna looks at the warning signs for Donegal's Ulster final defeat to gallant Monaghan, and whether they can still retain Sam

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Dublin loss 520x280

Man and ball: Turn for the worse

Jul 14th

Meath weren't quite good enough to capitalise on Dublin's frailties, but they showed that Jim Gavin's men have real weaknesses

by Ewan MacKenna

2013 Clare Laois

Man and ball: Unfitting end

Jul 8th

If Clare's defeat to Laois was Mick O'Dwyer's final game on the line, he deserved a better send-off after all he's done

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 final James Horan 520x280

Off the fence: More than pride for Mayo

Sep 27th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Murphy Donegal 520x280

Final Power Rankings: Week Sixteen

Sep 26th

by Ewan MacKenna

2011 Donegal Derry 520x280

Searching for Sam: final lowdown

Sep 21st

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Mayo Donegal league2012 520x280

Man and ball: Not a Don' deal

Sep 21st

by Shane Stapleton

2012 Donegal Murphy 520x280

Off the fence: Each one for all

Sep 20th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Aidan O Shea Mayo 520x280

Off the fence: Feeling that pain

Sep 19th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 ColmORouke 520x280

O'Rourke needs to become modern man

Sep 13th

If Colm O'Rourke is to be the next manager of Meath he needs to embrace modern methods

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Counihan McGeeney 520x280

Manager reviews 2012

Sep 12th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Finger Mayo 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Fifteen

Sep 4th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Dublin Mayo 520x280

Mayo rise from the ashes

Aug 30th

Mayo have risen from the ruins of a shocking defeat to Longoford in 2010 and now need one big performance to get closer to redemption

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 CorkUnderachieve 520x280

Cork this era's great underachievers

Aug 29th

One All-Ireland in five years is not good enough for a Cork side that promised to deliver so much more

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 DonegalCork 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Fourteen

Aug 28th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Donegal individuals 520x280

Off the fence: Individual worth

Aug 24th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Donegal 520x280

Tale of the tape: Donegal

Aug 23rd

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Cork 520x280

Tale of the tape: Cork

Aug 22nd

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by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Cork Kildare 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Thirteen

Aug 7th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Moran Mayo injury

Cruel blow to rampant Mayo

Aug 5th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Meath Laois 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Twelve

Jul 31st

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Kerry Tyrone 520x280

Off the fence: Crying foul

Jul 26th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 donegal ulster 520x280.jpg

Power Rankings: Week Eleven

Jul 25th

by Ewan MacKenna

2010 Brogan Meath 520x280

Off The Fence: Dublin need sharp reminder

Jul 20th

Dublin have yet to show the same desire as they did last year but go into the Leinster final knowing they need to make big improvements

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Kildare Cavan 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Ten

Jul 17th

by Ewan MacKenna

2010 Sligo Mayo 520x280

Tactical talk: Walsh the Resurrection man

Jul 13th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Cork Clare Munster final fix 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Nine

Jul 10th

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by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Tyrone Donegal 520x280

Tactical Talk: Donegal's strange beauty

Jul 5th

Donegal have evolved since last year and look a more complete outfit as they prepare to defend their Ulster crown

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Meath Kildare 520x260

Off The Fence: Time for McGeeney to learn from mistakes

Jul 4th

Five years ago McGeeney had his theories but he was also willing to listen to yours. Not anymore. These days too often he acts like it is him against the Gaelic games world and at some point you have to question how that is benefiting his players

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Cork v Kerry 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Eight

Jul 3rd

Donegal and Roscommon are among the big movers as Kildare and Armagh fail to live up to their big reputatations

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Monaghan Freeman 520x280

Tactical talk: Ulster continue to pioneer

Jun 27th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Mayo 520x280

Power Rankings: Week Seven

Jun 26th

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Kildare Bolton chest 520x280

Tactical talk: Size matters

Jun 20th

The likes of Kildare, Dublin, Donegal and Cork will continue to roll over the rest while they continue to have the best managers, preparation and backroom teams

by Ewan MacKenna

Donegal Colm McFadden

Power Rankings: Week Six

Jun 19th

Donegal and Laois were on the move after the weekend's action

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 KerryvCork

Tactical Talk: Giants Slipping

Jun 14th

Kerry being forced to adapt has seen them stutter while Galway's inabilty to adapt has seen them crumble and both counties will have work to do to get back at the top table

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Galway Mulholland

Power Rankings: Week Five

Jun 12th

There's little change at the top but the Ulster sides trade places in the chasing peloton

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Peter Fitzpatrick proper

Tactical talk: Different strokes

Jun 7th

Last Sunday's variety of tactics and approaches shows how Gaelic football has evolved and now we have diversity and more to talk about than simply pre-arranged match-ups defining an outcome.

by Ewan MacKenna

Emlyn Mulligan Leitrim

Power Rankings: Week Four

Jun 5th

Emlyn Mulligan is back to his best for Leitrim but Dublin and Kerry swap places while Louth freefall as the landscape changes in our latest Power Rankings

by Ewan MacKenna

The fading lights

Off the fence: The fading lights

May 31st

Ewan MacKenna on the difference between the Philip McGuinnesses and Seanie Johnstons of the GAA world and how the smaller teams may never break into the top eight again

by Ewan MacKenna

Meath wicklow

Tactical Talk: It shouldn't have been that way

May 30th

Meath took an unconventional path to victory but were helped by Wicklow's management reluctance to make changes

by Ewan MacKenna

Rankings   Mon

Power Rankings: Week Three

May 29th

Monaghan and Meath are on the rise while Wicklow slip back in our latest Championship Power Rankings

by Ewan MacKenna

Galway Roscommon

Tactical talk: Is Galway's Plan B of an A standard?

May 23rd

Galway looked impressive all over the field against Roscommon but it remains to be seen how they perform when better sides put them on the back foot

by Ewan MacKenna

EI dublin kildare 520x280

Off the fence: Too much home comfort for Dubs

May 23rd

Ewan MacKenna pores over the stats and argues that Dublin get too much of an advantage being allowed to play at Croke Park

by Ewan MacKenna

2012 Longford

Power Rankings: Week Two

May 22nd

After the opening week of the Championship, it's Longford and Galway who have climbed the ladder in our Power Rankings

by Ewan MacKenna

EI colm allireland 520x280

Championship Keynote

May 18th

So, you yearn for August already? We understand.

by Ewan MacKenna

2010 cork

Power Rankings

May 18th

The power rankings for 2012 GAA Football All-Ireland Championship

by Ewan MacKenna