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The latest predictions for this weekend's Championship matches from your fellow football fans.

2015 Predictions Week5

Sunday is sure to be packed with action, with victory and with heartbreak as twelve teams will face off against each other in seven GAA Football Senior Championship games.

The predictions are in and for each game there has been a clear favourite. Our ambassador Ciarán Whelan has given his predictions too and once again he doesn’t always agree.

In no particular order, we start with Kerry vs Tipperary in the Munster GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Semi Final. There is no surprise that the ever dominant Kerry have 94% of your votes, 4% have put their faith in Tipperary and 2% predict a draw. We are sure part of the reason Kerry received a whopping 94% is because the legendary Colm Cooper returns to Kerry starting lineup finally after 16 months out through injury. With the taste of last year’s victory and the return of one of their star players, they are as always hot favourites for the championships. Not surprisingly Ciarán predicts a win for Kerry, he’s sure to be watching them closely as a Dublin Kerry clash later in the championships is always a possibility.

Staying south Cork will play Clare in the other Munster GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Semi Final. Its seems destined to be a Cork Kerry final or you certainly think so with a staggering 98% predicting a win for Cork, 1% stand by Clare for the win & 1% a draw. Ciarán joins the 98% backing Cork for the win.

WLD post Laois Kildare

Moving into Leinster we have three matches, Kildare vs Laois in the Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Quarter Final - Replay after a nail biting match last weekend. Kildare turned around a 3 point deficit including a point in extra time to scrape a draw and like last weekend you have backed Kildare with 63% predicting a win for them, 36% say Laois & just 1% predicts another draw. Even though Kildare beat Laois in the league, showing strength and conviction to claim a draw last week, Ciarán Whelan is standing by Laois for the win. He predicted they would win last week and still thinks they can do it, if the game plays out similarly to last week it will be mental strength Ciarán was known and admired for that Laois will need to be victorious.

Westmeath vs Wexford in another Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Quarter Final. Westmeath have the home team advantage and had a good win over Louth in the first round, that’s probably why 67% of you predict their victory. Wexford did reach the GAA Football All Ireland Semi Final a few years ago but since then have struggled to perform being relegated to the bottom flight. However they are a team with spirit, that’s why 32% of you predict they can overcome their recent bad form and get the win on Sunday. 5% predict a draw but Ciarán joins the majority giving the win to Westmeath.

Meath vs Wicklow is the remaining Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Quarter Finals. Both teams have a number of players missing with no fewer than 5 being unavailable for Meath due to injury and Wicklow missing top players such as James Stafford, Paul Canning, Paul Earls & Seanie Furlong. Even with a weakened Meath 98% of you predict a victory for them, surely influenced by the fact it will be the first time in 20 years Meath play a home game in the Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship and the fact Meath are a division two team while Wicklow play out of division four. There is 1% of you think Wicklow can overcome the weakened Meath & 1% call a draw. Ciarán has joined the 98% predicting a victory for Kildare.

In the Connacht GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Semi Final Galway play Mayo in Pearse Stadium. Galway hope to end a run of fourth straight championship defeats against Mayo but considering the previous defeats were by no less than 6 points we aren’t surprised 87% are backing Mayo to add another victory to their winning streak against Galway. 11% are predicting the raw talent in the Galway squad will be enough to overcome Mayo & 2% call a draw. Ciarán predicts Mayo foreseeing Mayo adding another victory to their Championship winning streak against Galway.

Finally we go to the Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship 2015 Quarter Final between Armagh and Donegal. Donegal are hot favourites with 87% of you predicting their win. But there are many who say Armagh are serious contenders. 10% of you have said they will win, 3% say a draw. Maybe its because Armagh is under new management or Donegal convinced in their win against Tyrone but Ciarán has joined the masses, predicting Donegal to win this Sunday.

An exciting weekend ahead, we hope you enjoy all the action. Remember to make your predictions next week, play the quiz & shout for you players.