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This is how the Your Shout Counts leader board is looking as of Tuesday, September 3rd.

Donegal Resize

In this summer's Championship, Your Shout Counts, and football fans all over Ireland have already been making their voices heard here on our site.

After two thrilling games at the weekend Kerry and Donegal have booked their place in the All-Ireland Football Final on September 21st. With two thrilling games came many individually outstanding performances from player of all four teams. 

James O'Donoghue has cemented his place as No.1 in the eircom GAA Your Shout Count leaderboard. His 2-6 on Saturday means with only one game left it will take an extraordinary display by a Donegal man to top O'Donoghue come the last week of the month. 

With great displays from Cillian O'Connor of Mayo, Dermot Connelly of Dublin and Michael Murphy of Donegal, the leaderboard has been changing with many movers and shakers climbing the board. 

Make Your Shout Count to give the credit to those you think deserve it after what was a weekend no GAA fan will forget easily. 

This is how the Your Shout Count's leaderboard is looking as of Tuesday, September 2nd.

YSC Top10

Simply by using the player database on our Add Your Shout page, you'll be able to nominate any Championship player of your choice. By shouting for them, you'll automatically be entered into our latest draw to win All-Ireland Final tickets or a Motorola handset.

You can even choose to shout a bit louder, by using our comments box to tell us why your chosen player deserves your shout, with the best comments being selected for recognition by one of our GAA stars.

You can see each week’s Shouts of the Week, and the overall Top Shouts leaderboard, to discover which players are getting the most shouts - and why - throughout the Championship.