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eircom GAA Ambassador Ciarán Whelan hosted a Twitter Q&A for fans and followers of eircom Experience More – Old friends and adversaries did their best to get a rise out of him!


Last Thursday June 27th, eircom GAA Ambassador Ciarán Whelan hosted a Twitter Q&A for fans and followers of eircom Experience More. Fans got their chance to ask the questions that mattered most to them – Old friends and adversaries did their best to get a rise out of him!

Keep an eye out for the banter with ex-team mates like Barry Cahill, Jason Sherlock and Johnny Magee. Former opposition like Eamonn O’Hara and John Cuffe got their chance to put the boot in and fellow ambassadors like Donie Shine also got in on the act!

Here we go folks, kids are in bed asleep I hope!! Will try get to everyone, let’s go for it #askwhelo

@SeanPower97: What was the hardest thing about being an inter-county footballer?

@whelo35: You put your life on hold for your county, everything else comes 2nd. It can be lost at times.

@briankellyhi: What's the best and worst of being a pundit?

@whelo35: Being honest but respectful. Worst - people that cannot understand - Its only an opinion! We all have them.

@johnmo_dub: If and when will the championship format change to be more like champions league, 2,4,10 years?

@whelo35: Probably more like 10 with regret. Slow to change! Politics!

@olivermurphy4: What was the free out for in last minute of 96 leinster final? You had the ball buried.

@whelo35: I think Brian Stynes was in the square. Pity Carlsberg don't do debuts!

@sean83p: Black card - good idea or bad idea?

@whelo35: Cynical play needs to be addressed but black card will cause havoc for while - we need to be patient.

@EamonnOHara8: Friday night games - Great or not? Or Is it too much to ask a lad to play and perform after a full day’s work?

@whelo35: Think players actually would prefer them but they need to be respected and looked after. Way forward

@barrycahilldub: You used to love McDonalds during your playing days. How many times a week do you eat it now?

@whelo35: Just after finishin my dinner barry!


@donie_89:  Rumour has it you're running a half marathon with @rozannapurcell! What's the training regime like?

@whelo35: It’s great, am not fit so always trailing behind in training!

@MicilGlennon: Do you agree with Jim Gavin's assertion that Croke Park games don't give Dublin an advantage?

@whelo35: Of course it is an advantage. Croke Park can be intimidating for weaker counties.

@Toddymufc9: Agree with dubs gettin away games in championship? I do as a dub.

@whelo35: It happened in 80s and 90s so do not think any dubs have a problem with it.

@jdavey5: What year in your time with the Dubs would you most feel that an All-Ireland had been left behind?

@whelo35: 2006 All Ireland semi final to Mayo, game we left behind, no doubt.

@ciaranwhelan_: Favourite moment whilst representing Dublin?

@whelo35: My word Whelo junior! Nothing beats playing in Croke Park in front of 80,000

@EamonnOHara8: Who would win in an arm wrestle between you and Darragh O Se?

@whelo35: He would if you were standing behind me, would prob get a knife in the back!!

@Chrispotter23: Is Mugsy’s goal against you’s in Croker the best you have witnessed scored against you's whilst you were playing ?

@whelo35: Yeah, it was sickening blow but top class. Always remember the dummy handpass, everyone bought it.

@JohnPakks: Do you think you were lucky to stay on the field vs Meath in 2005 after clocking Crawford in the throw in?

@whelo35: Yes defo, my chat with John Bannon before throw in helped! ‘How is the family?’ etc etc!! Old trick!

@boomjayo: Is it true u have ur local take away on speed dial?

@whelo35: It’s the opposite way around, they have me on speed dial!

@diarmuidkearney: What was ur best match ever playing?

@whelo35: Think it was 2002 All Ire quarter final v Donegal. All fell into place that day

@cuffejohn: How did you feel when David Brady sat you on your arse in the 2006 semi final?

@whelo35: Think it was the smell of aftershave after coming off the bench that knocked me over!! bad day!

@padraigdennigan: Do u think players are training too hard these days?

@whelo35: No, there is more time required by players - but training is professionally structured around performance & recovery.

@Kelly96J: Who is Roscommon’s best player and why?

@whelo35: Frankie Dolan - He showed why on Paddy’s Day against the Dubs #ballymun

@srfchoops: who was the best player you ever played with and against?

@whelo35: Paul Curran was a touch of class.  Anthony Tohill & Darragh O Se were top midfielders.

@ChrisSallierr: Toughest man you've marked club or county? And what was your best moment as a Dublin footballer?

@whelo35: Toughest - John McDermott. Best - Anthony Tohill and Darragh O'Se. Making my debut in 1996 was a dream come true.

@Rebecca_Hill16: Just a pic of me with a @whelo35 glove we caught on the pitch after the 2005 Leinster final. Want to sign it?! #GAA


@whelo35: Got plenty of stick over the big white ones but they worked...Sometimes!

@Dave21Mac: Do you think a two tier championship will come in to effect in the near future?? #COYBIB

@whelo35: I hope so, provincial champs are stale. New format needed, league connected to champ league format #politics

@TadhgBranagan17: Is Jim Gavin right to give youth a chance in these championship matches?

@whelo35: Yes – If you’re good enough you’re old enough. Exciting times but with youth, supporters need to be patient.

@mstoniamalone: Who's gonna win the Sam do you think its Dublin’s year?

@whelo35: I hope its Dub year, powerful forwards but will need to adapt their game plan at some stage.

@JohnnyMagee06: Who was the best and worst manager you played under?

@whelo35: Clear off Johnny, sh*t stirrer!!

@whelo35: That's it, some great q's, sorry for clogging up twitter feed. Will try respond to others in time. Tks